Albert Place Condos (formerly Stonehouse Village III)

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Project Page - Stonehouse Village III

Anyone have more info on this? It appears to be a significant development, But I wonder if it will include ground floor retail, it would suck if it didn't.

"28. Introduce and set a public hearing on September 5, 2006 for a Special Use
Permit: An application from David H. Krause for approval to construct a new
building at the southeast corner of Albert Avenue and Bailey Street, currently
used as Municipal Parking Lot No. 7. The new building would include two levels
of parking, containing a total of 122 spaces, with three levels of residential
condominium units above. The residential condominiums would include 3 onebedroom units and 33 two-bedroom units. The property is zoned in the B-3 City Center Commercial District."


  • I have heard of the project and have a couple speculations about it. I haven't heard any mention of ground floor retail, so it does worry me, but I do know that anything zoned in the B-3 City Center Commercial District has to be mixed-use, unless they give a special permit for the project, which I doubt. I am guessing that more news about the retail will start to show up further down the road when there is more solid ground to work on. I do like how they are incorporating parking into the building though, since they are building it on a current parking lot.

    I really look forward to hear about any news on the Taco Bell, located just across the street. That property should become vacant during the fall, when Taco Bell moves across the street to it's new location in Stonehouse Village.
  • The way things are headed in EL that property and anything else on Grand River will get snatched up for redevelopment quickly if even halfway reasonably priced.
  • I got an email from Tim Dempsey with this rendering of the project. It actually looks pretty good. He said that they usually would push very hard for ground floor retail in downtown but that this is on the fringe of downtown and that it would be hard to market.

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    NICE! Thought, it's kind of disappointing to see East Lansing getting developments as large as Lansing. lol They have West Village, Lot #7, Stonehouse Village 1 & 2, 10-12 story proposal...

    BTW, who's Tim Dempsey and who is the developer/architect of this project?
  • He is the "Community & Economic Development Administrator" of East Lansing.

    BTW, this project or any of the Stonehouse Village Projects aren't really on the scale of Stadium District or Abrams Landing, at least as far as quality and height go. Besides, when Lansing finally gets into gear with developments I'm sure it will far outpace EL.
  • I think it's too bad that Tim isn't pushing harder for ground floor retail. Especially if you consider in the next 20 years, East Lansing should have the East Village pretty heavliy changed, and that would definitely spread out the central business district of East Lansing.
  • by the way, THANKS for the picture!
  • I don't buy the excuse that it's too far on the end of downtown, either. It would be along Albert and Bailey, which while at the eastern end of the downtown has a huge market right there. That area is even busy at night with pedestrians coming from the neigborhoods to the north and east.
  • The house across the street, Theta Delta Chi's old fraternity house, has now been fully demolished, and the site of the house will be used as a staging area for the construction equipment and materials. Construction should start in mid-June.
  • And my favorite after 6pm free parking lot is lost forever. .... sniff ....
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