Albert Place Condos (formerly Stonehouse Village III)



  • East Lansing plans condo project

    Jeremy W. Steele
    Lansing State Journal

    EAST LANSING - City officials are trading in one of their most valuable commodities in a bid to spur new development downtown.

    The city's parking lot at Bailey Street and Albert Avenue will become the site of a new 39-unit condominium project.

    Officials caution, however, that parking spaces won't be lost. The owner-occupied condos will sit atop a new 122-space, two-level parking structure.

    The project, dubbed Stonehouse Village III, will include one-, two- and three-bedroom units. Officials are scheduled to have a ceremonial ground-breaking on the project at 3:30 p.m. today.

    "The city of East Lansing is extremely excited to be partnering with a local development company on one of many exciting, smart growth projects beginning to take root within our borders," East Lansing Mayor Sam Singh said in a statement.

    City officials said building on the parking lot will help give the downtown a more high-density, urban feel.

    Read more on this story in Wednesday's Lansing State Journal.

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    Just so I'm clear, what street will the condo face? Bailey or Albert?

    I've been in the area for 40 years and grew up on Cowley Ave. in EL. The urbanization of ol' EL appears to be in overdrive, kind of like MSU's pace of development.

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    Oh, much faster than MSU's pace of development, and it's concentrated, so it looks (and is) even more impressive.
  • You've got the wrong parking lot marked off I believe. Isn't it the one across the street? Behind Stonehouse Village II.
  • Yeah it is the parking lot behind Stonehouse Village 1, across the street from the outlined parking lot.
  • Here is a link to an LSJ story today: Surface lots in East Lansing open for new units

    They also mention the opening of Lot 1 for development (although this isn't the first time East Lansing has tried to get the lot developed).
  • Jared what else do you know of Lot #1? And is the outlined lot in the photo above from Freedom Fries (love the name) indicating Lot #1?
  • The condos will face Bailey and Albert, at the northeast corner, in an L-shaped structure atop the square parking garage. The condos on the inside of the "L" will look over the "green" roof of the parking garage. It'll be downtown's first green roof, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Jennifer, Lot #1 is featured in an image on page 1 of this thread. It's the city owned lot behind Urban Outfitters and Pancheros.

    And jwswrites, a green roof eh? I believe that's new information for this site. Sounds like we have an insider! :)

    Or I just haven't paid enough attention.
  • Thanks, I have identified Lot#1 and will see what happens with the City in regards to actually selling it.
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