Albert Place Condos (formerly Stonehouse Village III)



  • Yeah, a green roof is news to me also. Thanks for the info jwswrites. I think we'll see more green buildings coming as there are many tax breaks for building LEED approved buildings, and also it attracts the type of people (younger, artsy) that the governor is looking for in a Cool City.
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    Regarding movie theatres in East Lansing. The State Theatre on Abbott Rd. and Campus Theatre on Grand River (next to Student Book Store) lasted until the very early 80's.


  • Here's links to the pages about the two theaters:

    State Theater
    Campus Theater
  • Hi Guys,

    New to posting on the forum, but I've been monitoring the site for some time, and I like the enthusiasm displayed towards all the new developments. I was in EL yesterday, and I took a few pics of the Stonehouse III development with my camera phone. The old fraternity house that was in the area (not sure which frat it was) has now been knocked down, and things are really starting to move along.
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    Question about how the development is going to be situated. It seems from the thread above that you guys basically figured out what is going to be the mixed use building and what's going to be the parking garage, but I can't really figure it out. Is the parking garage going to be in the current lot behind Stonehouse I and the old frat area going to be the mixed use building? Thanks.
  • The former frat house site will become part of the city's surface parking lot on that block. The Stonehouse III project will all be at the lot behind Stonehouse I, across Bailey Street from where the house was. The condos will be built atop the parking garage.
  • Ok, now I get it, thanks. It seems odd to me though that the city wouldn't buy out that private lot that sits right behind Rice Kitchen and include that in the expanded lot west of Bailey.
  • Yeah, that private lot behind Rice Kitchen will make the new parking lot shape a little weird. But it's up to the owner of that lot to decide what to do with it. I could see it being bought when the former Taco Bell site is demo'd for a new building in 10 years or so.
  • Construction is moving along at a pretty fast pace. There were three concrete footing poured when I went by today, and the site is pretty large when you see it in person. These Stonehouse developments are really going to change the character of that part of downtown East Lansing.
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