The Lansing River Trail

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Thought I'd start up a thread for the Lansing River Trail since there is interest in its development/expansion and maintenance.

I tried to take it down to Moores Park, today, but they had it cordoned off at the Elm Street Bridge. It appears that they are doing some repair work on the retention wall just north of where it goes under Island Avenue (the street that leads to the Eckert Station):



  • I remember reading that they were going to be doing these repairs. I believe they should raise this whole section though, as it is always underwater anytime the water table rises significantly.

    Good idea for a thread btw. I have some pics and info I might post in the near future...
  • Really? This is one of the few parts of the River Trail that's always been accessible and free from flooding whenever I've biked it. Maybe, I miss the flooding all the time.
  • Looks like they are replacing the stone retaining wall with a metal one like the retaining walls in neighboring Moores Park.

    August 11



    Here are the walls in Moores Park just down the way:



    I really like the color when the metal rusts. It goes very well with the vegetation.
  • Yeah, it is a nice earth tone.
  • A story about the completed $1.46 million expansion Hawk Island to Maguire Park. It also mentions the planned $1.9 million connection between Potter Park Zoo and Scott Woods Park that supposedly will be finished by the end of the year (it was a little vague if that meant by the end of 2008 or 2009 seeing that they mentioned that it was delayed because of spring flooding).
  • It is actually pretty much done. The section between Potter Park and Mt. Hope Rd. has been done for some time. They also just paved from Mt. Hope heading south towards Scott Woods 2 days ago. I havent ventured down to the north side of Scott Woods yet, but if they have already brought a paving machine out, I would think that they would be finishing the entire stretch.

    I also know that they were trying to get this finished before the Capital City River Run half-marathon at the end of this month. I will try to check up on this and maybe get some pics tomorrow...
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    Here are a couple pics taken today. Looks like they are just finishing up the grading now. I expect the orange stuff to go away in a few days...



  • Could you describe exactly where each of these was taken? I'm a little disoriented.
  • I know the last picture is by the corner of Mt. Hope and Aureilius Rd.

    I'm pretty sure it's near the arrow in this picture:
  • These were all taken at and south of Mt. Hope Rd. All views are looking to the south and numbered on this map in order of above.

    The trail is done and I cant wait to merge it into my runs...

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