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  • In my understanding they will be replacing at least 1 bridge (it was torn out and sitting in the parking lot) and converting part of the trail into a bridge (the asphalt was completely excavated down to dirt) as well. It also looked like they had removed the planks on the bridge over the Red Cedar as well. I don't know if that bridge is coming out as well or just being rehabbed.
    Yes the area east of Aurelius floods pretty frequently as well, but there was a low spot i this western section where the water flows into the wetlands south of the trail pretty frequently. It'll be nice to have this area fixed.

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    Okay, so is the one bridge the bridge over the Red Cedar outside of Potter Park, there, or is there another bridge somewhere along the way? Also, which way are we looking in that photo you took?

    Anyway, glad to see them quickly making their way down the trail. They were in downtown just a few weeks ago.

  • That photo is looking west to the bridge over the red cedar that crosses next to the zoo. From what I was told is that this bridge will have an elevated section farther east toward Aurelius to reduce water over that small section.

  • Over here on the REOtown section of the trail, they have begun rebuilding the collapsed bank near GM and the trail is closed there. They have also replaced many cedar planks on all the bridges in this area. I am wondering if they are rebuilding really bad areas and will be repaving the whole trail or just fixing the bad spots and leaving the rest as is? They [who ever they are] are doing a good job of keeping ahead of the graffiti, some yahoo who thinks he is an artist had tagged all the underpasses earlier in the summer with bad "art" which is now mostly covered up. The real art under Beech Street bridge somehow was not vandalized, that was "nice" of him.

  • Yes that photo was looking west from the T-junction on the trail.

  • I have answered my own question, I saw workers repaving the entire River Trail near the Elm Street bridge yesterday. I know it is terribly nerdy but seeing this made me so happy! Sometimes it is discouraging to wait so long to see these projects start, to me it is exciting to see them underway.

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    City council agenda for next week:

    • The city is selling the old Miller Road (Community) Center to Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) for $125,000. I hadn't even remembered voters had approved of allowing this to be sold, or that it was even closed, but it appears we voted on this in 2014. lol In any case, they will use the center for office, training and conference space and the gym portion for a community soccer field. The CASL runs programs which cover over 4,000 players.

    • The introduction of the brownfield for 600 East Michigan is happening. This is the first big move sense the rezoning of this land a few months back. The working name is Capital City Market. Stats are still that it'll be around 153,000 square feet with the market, a 120-125 room flagship hotel, only 36 apartments, and 298 surface parking spaces. Demolition will start early next year with the store opening by fall 2020 and the rest by December of that year.


    • The introduction of the brownfield for Metro Park Place is happening. We find the nearly 7,000 sq ft of commercial space will be on the first floor fronting Townsend.

    • The new lighting ordinance is up for passage. This is the ordinance that would require any parking lot bigger than 5 spots to have adequate lighting. The big change is that it'd require even vacant/abandoned properties to have lighting in their parking lots.

    • The brownfiled for The Wing (735 Hazel) is up for passage.

    • Finally, the public hearing for 930 West Holmes is up.

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    Lansing is commissioning a sculpture for the Four Corners roundabout at Michigan and Washington and want your opinion:



    Star Born

    Welcoming Hands

    My favorite is the "Welcoming Hands" but I also like "Flame." "Star Born" is the only one I really don't like; it's cheesy. I'm really split between Welcoming Hands and Flame. Because of its materials, Flame looks like it would get lost amongst the surrounding urban landscape. The color of Welcoming Hands, though, may be too much. I'd love if Flame was made out of glass and could be lit at night to mimic a, well, flame. I've love Welcoming Hands if the color was a bit more earth tone.

    Go vote!

  • I voted for Welcoming Hands, I think it is interesting to look at and would not block the view of the Capitol. There is a depiction in a light blue as well as red so maybe it can change colors or we can choose any color. I think we have a giant head on Michigan Ave why not giant hands? It relates to Lansing our welcoming hands that also make things. I also like the Flame, the other two are too obvious and not very interesting. We once had a chance to have a sculpture by Clase Oldenburg in this area when the 70's mall was built on North Washington. His concept was a giant catcher's mitt with a big red baseball in the center. This idea was rejected I think because Lansing's concept of modern art then was that it should be non-representational and they decided on a much smaller sleek and shiny sculpture, it is a nice sculpture but it was lost in its surroundings sitting high up on a black marble pedestal. It was supposed to turn slowly but that only worked for about one year. That sculpture is now at LCC. So I guess my point is! that this should be large enough to fill this space, and we should have picked the Oldenburg!

    I think 7,000 sq.ft. of retail on Townsend Street sounds challenging. What do they think will go in there? I would guess that they see there will soon be even more people living in that neighborhood so perhaps there will be shops to serve the neighborhood.

  • This one is crawling, but 515 Ionia/The Belen Buildings appears to still be ongoing. A picture from about a month ago:

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