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  • Midtown Manhattan, I'd say is more well known and established than Midtown Detroit. I don't think proximity to Detroit is a problem. For all of Detroit's challenges, Midtown Detroit is an up-and-coming area, so I don't think it brings a negative connotation either. But regardless of the name of the development itself or the district, I'd like them to break ground on this and Red Cedar Renaissance first (and not be a Lenawee, Capital Club, or City Center II, etc).
  • I aggree about the midtown gesture. There are midtowns a everywhere, it is almost just as common as having a downtown. Very common for (growing) metros. Definitely not proprietary or that recognizable to Detroit.
  • How exciting! It will definitely be an improvement over what is currently there, that's for sure. I also like the size & scope of it. As for area names, Frandor is ok and of course the most recognizable, even if more for the shopping center as it stands. If you are referring someone to the area and they don't know what you're talking about, they tend to understand once you say 'Frandor.' I personally like Midtown though. There is already the Gillespie reference to it, and its less confusing than Red Cedar, and flows well with other designated areas, ie Oldtown, Reotown, Downtown, plus the development area once filled in, kinda connected Lansing & East Lansing in the middle. Just my opinion.
  • Possibly unrelated, but went by here today and noticed the ground covered in little flags marking water/gas/etc. Already about to start construction?
  • Maybe just doing surveying? I don't think this has gone through council yet.
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see demolition start anytime, they said to expect a fall groundbreaking. I am surprised we haven't seen anything come before Council yet though.
  • Could be, but it is just as likely it's routine maintenance work.
  • I was by the site earlier an I'd say the flags are almost certainly related to this project as they are only on the Story Olds property. If I were to guess, I'd say they're in preparation to disconnect the current buildings utilities for demolition.
  • The city of Lansing Planning Board is holding a rezoning hearing for 3165 East Michigan Avenue on Tuesday July 7 from F-Commercial and J-Parking to E-Apartment Shop District, which will allow for a mixed-use, 9-story building including 313 apartment units above ground floor commercial space along with a 625-parking ramp, so basically two cars for each apartment. It looks like they took out a few units; this could just be the difference between adding two-bedroom apartments and thus subtracting some one-bedrooms or something.
  • SkyVue will have a public hearing in front of the development and planning committee on August 24th. They are asking for $25 million in property tax abatements + interest. If approved, they are ready to start construction this fall.
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