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  • All that construction stuff has been sitting on that property for three of four weeks, maybe more. My first impression was also that it was related to the Skyvue project, but it could just as well be for the Michigan Ave underpass work.
  • I think that when they built WJIM as the TV channel was called then, the building was called the "Country House" or something like that, I guess as a mid-century modern home of course they would have a kidney shaped pool in the backyard. I have not really taken a good look at the building lately but it is amazing that the original backyard area still exist.

    I was at Frandor the other day, and even though it is really an ugly mess of a place, there really is a lot of activity in the area, with new stores opening. I think they could redesign the parking area and building facades to look more like the "town center" type shopping centers with side walks and tree lined "streets" . They could also add gateways or entrances from Michigan, Clippert ,and Saginaw. Now it is hard to tell [if you are not from the area] where to turn and end up in Frandor. It might be a good idea to open up the back street with store fronts on both sides of the long main building. This back street could encourage pedestrian traffic from the surrounding residential neighborhoods. If both sides of Frandor had store fronts they could take down the fence at Ranney park offering a view of the green lawns of the park.
  • Drove past the Story dealership and it looks like a lot of the memorabilia/furniture has been cleared out of the building. Maybe starting demolition soon? I know their original plans were to groundbreak in the fall but the LSJ article was saying that it was schedule for Spring 2016.
  • Everything I went back and skimmed through said either a fall or November start, including an August 5th LSJ article. What article said spring 2016?
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    It said in the LSJ article article when the council approved the project.
    Developers have said the project could break ground in the spring of 2016 and be completed in 2017.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I think that was in reference to the Red Cedar Renaissance.
  • Yeah, that makes sense. It reminds of how close we're getting to seeing Red Cedar Renaissance get going, I wonder if everything is still on schedule for a spring start?
  • I hate the knuckle dragging that goes on during the approval process. Get it done! Lets move this city forward already!
  • The City of Lansing has generally been pretty quick to approve measures related to development except in a couple cases where there was some political wrangling over other issues, which is inevitable in politics. The City of East Lansing has historically been much less fond of development although they've lightened up as of late.

    I think all the measures for Skyvue were introduced and passed within two months or so with no delays that I'm aware of.
  • Yeah, SkyVue went even quicker than most because there was almost zero pushback against it. SkyVue has moved surprisingly fast since when it was first introduced to council to know.
  • Wondering about this project. Article from three days ago say state has approved $25 mil in tax incentives: .

    (The video says, word-for-word, what the written paragraph says.)
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