SkyVue on Michigan



  • I wouldn't be surprised if the approval of this incentive is why they expected a November start, the decision just may have come a little later than expected. Hopefully we'll see this project get going soon.
  • Construction has commenced! I think. Walked by tonight, didn't take a picture, but a small crane is now erected on site and a scooper already dug a large hole for something. (I cannot think of the proper name for a scooper right now!)
  • Back hoe?
  • I'm by this site a lot so I'll be anxiously watching how the construction unfolds, it's great to hear that things are getting going.

    The "scooper" would likely be a back hoe (on wheels, smaller with a wide bucket up front and a narrow one in back) or an excavator (on tracks, larger with one big narrow bucket).
  • The LSJ has finally caught wind of this.
    LANSING - Demolition has begun on the former Story Oldsmobile building on Michigan Avenue to make way for the $77 million SkyVue project.

    The nine-story, mixed-use building near the Frandor Shopping Center will have 359 residential units with a small retail space available on the first floor. The project, headed by Georgia-based developer Rise Real Estate, is expected to be complete by the summer of 2017.

    “I’m really excited about the impact it will have on all of Michigan Avenue … the retail in Frandor and at (the future) Red Cedar Renaissance,” said Bob Trezise, president and CEO of the Lansing Economic Area Partnership. “This will be a new standard for development.”
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    Passed by a Santa display in the window of the former Story Oldsmobile dealership today. Actually a couple guys had just set it up, and I pointed at it as we went by, and they waved. And as we walked on they stepped out and said "figured we may as well set it up one last time!".
  • That is going to look so huge there on Michigan Ave. I do like how the building is right up next to the street. It is very cool to see these big cranes rising up of the skyline.
  • Thanks for the update. I still can't even imagine the size of this thing. Along Michigan Avenue this thing is going to absolutely dwarf the nearby Friendship Manor, Midtown, and Brody Complex as well as the other three-and-four-story buildings along the avenue. I think the biggest thing that will match it in size is the hotel that will be built across the street as part of Red Cedar Renaissance.
  • I, for one, look forward to living in the shadow of a monster.

    (Honestly I do wonder if I will be able to see it from my house. That would be cool.)
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