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  • I believe the LSJ kind of mentioned it in passing months back. It was a surprise to us all. I'm not sure if he directly owns it or is part of a group who do. I seem to remember Hood originally catching this nugget of information.
  • The Sears property is listed on the Gillespie site, and was also covered in this story, Frandor property owner confident Sears will stay open.
  • That aerial shows just how huge this building is going to be:

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    The YMCA development is being attempted by a small local real estate firm that has not to my knowledge done anything even remotely of that nature before, I was very surprised when their plans resurfaced a year or two ago. I still kinda doubt they'll manage to get it done and their proposed project looks to be nothing special, although the investment and added residents would still be good for downtown.

    The Lake Trust is looking for a partner to develop their property. The proposal they presented was only visionary, to show potential developers what they're expecting. I don't even have a guess as to the timeline on this. Somewhat related to this, I'd really like to know what happened to the proposed apartments at Washington and St Joe.

    As for that Sears site, I can't imagine them ever doing one building there. I would think that it would be at least three building with a street running though where the property narrows and one at the norther edge, it could very easily be divided up into even more buildings and some open space. I wonder if Sears intends to move at some point or just leave Lansing altogether? They certainly haven't invested in their store, it's no good as it is now.
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    The Skyvue site plans begin on page 14 of the August 24th packet.

    First floor plan:

    2nd-8th and 9th floor plans:
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    Those really help me orient the renderings, as I was having a hard time telling which side was where. The parking portion is smaller than I imagined. Two questions, though. Am I reading that right? 2-story units? Also, is there only one retail space?

    BTW, just reading through the appears that two the parapet the building will rise 106'-6", but the roof of the gymnasium on the back rises to a height of 125'-0". The height limit for this particular zoning classification is 100 feet, so they ae requesting a variance. They are also requesting a variance for the front "yard" and off of East Morgan Lane since this classification usually requires a 50-foot setback for a structure exceeding 75 feet in heights.

    There will be 128 one bedrooms, 20 two bedrooms, and 165 four bedrooms, which shows they'll be going heavily at a undergrad and graduate student demographic with not even two-dozen "family" units thrown in. There will be no three bedroom units.

    There will be 634 parking spaces on the property, more than the 562 spaces required for a building of this size/number of units.
  • Yes, there are some two floor units, and the yeah it looks like the dark blue on the first floor is the only retail.
  • Looks like they are going to for a November construction start. Hopefully, they can beat the snow. Good to see it was unanimously approved. Speaking of development along the corridor, both the Bud Kouts property (and the bus depot across the street if they ever get around to building a permanent one) and SkyVue will be directly served with a BRT stop.
  • Hopefully this will encourage the areas around (Frandor Shopping Mall) to ramp up the curb appeal of their place.
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