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  • Anywhere in particular you're talking about? I ask because while the Lansing section of this area isn't exactly beautiful, it does have basic things like sidewalks. I suspect Lansing city government would be pretty easy to push to upgrade the streetscape in this area. To me, the main offender here, as usual, is the Lansing Township land along Clippert Street, which does even have basic continuous sidewalks.
  • I was so happy when they finally striped Sellers Ave - and also amazed it took them so long to do so. It had between one and three lanes depending on how people were feeling at the moment (and now officially has two). I still wonder what historical accident has caused the segment of Sellers east of Homer to not line up with the segment west of. 'Tis especially annoying on a bike because you want to ride on the edge of the street, but you really can't if you're continuing straight.
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    You know, I wonder if this isn't the result of the the homes on the other side of the freeway predating the block of Sellers west of Homer? I can imagine the one homeowner who sits in the path of Sellers wanting the street to be moved as far south of their garage driveway as possible while still allowing at least part of the street to line up with the portion east of Homer? It is an annoying set-up even with striping. In a perfect world, the township would extend the northern sidewalk a bit further south to completely stop people from being confused and trying to squeeze in a right turn onto Homer from the non-existent third lane. lol

    BTW, speaking of the area, I've always wondered why there is a residential-looking pool in the backyard of WLNS. lol
  • MichMatters, there's definitely plenty on Michigan Avenue that needs to be fixed. I was just talking the immediate surroundings like the Frandor Shopping Mall. I think this is just the catalyst that this area needs. With the Red Cedar Renaissance hopefully starting spring 2016, that whole area will look like a completely different world in 2017.
  • Frandor and the old strip malls are rough in spots, maybe most even most spots. I expect the smaller properties will start to be redeveloped here and there, it's hard to say how many will go to being multi floor or mixed use though. I suspect that the City is holding out on fixing Michigan Ave until the BRT project, the street and sidewalks need to be rebuilt and there needs to be better streetscaping throughout. Anyone know if the BRT project is supposed to include repaving and/or streetscaping?
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    Noticed a lot of signage staged in the SkyVue area yesterday - here is some electronic signage, there were also some more usual road signs sitting on the ground in the area. Starting construction early? Unrelated?
  • I think those signs are being stored there in anticipation of the 127 underpass work, although they would have needed permission from the SkyVue owners to place it there for that purpose.
  • Yeah, definitely not for the SkyVue project. Those are usually for heavy duty road projects.
  • OK I'm a big liar! Thanks for the tip.
  • Haha no worries, thanks for the tip :) I'm excited and can't wait for construction to start, is there anywhere that construction timelines are posted? Maybe with a buildings department?
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