Center City (Landmark & Newman Lofts)



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    Jolly Pumpkin, a Dexter-based brewery with locations all across Michigan, will be part of the retail at Center City:

    Loving that they aren't cannibalizing the existing properties in the city and are drawing in new, oustside options.

  • This will be quite the block with Harper's, Jolly Pumpkin, and Hopcat. I hope Harper's doesn't suffer too much, I remember reading somewhere that they were complaining about the loss of business due to the construction.
  • Developers presented some proposed landscape changes they want at a discussion-only council meeting last night:

    From what I can tell, the major change is that they want to move a few planters from the south side of Albert to part of the north side of the street. There may be a net loss of planters - didn't take time to count them - but they are more evenly spread and are now planned for both sides of Albert.

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  • Thanks for posting the update! The city should take the opportunity to update the stoplight here from a cable suspension to the metal pole version. The metal pole version looks so much better.

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    A hardhat tour was given, today:


    Newman Lofts

  • The month the Target will open was announced, today:

    East Lansing small-format Target to hire 80, open in July

    EAST LANSING — The first small-format Target in the mid-Michigan area will open July 21.

    The 22,000-square-foot Target store at 201 E. Grand River Ave. will be a first of its kind for the area.

    Target has opened 100 smaller versions of its stores since first piloting the idea in 2014. The small stores are a way for the company to enter markets where a traditional Target store wouldn't fit, said Jacqueline DeBuse, a Target spokesperson.

    The small-format store will carry items including food, personal care and beauty products, home decor and apparel, just like a typical Target.

  • The work here has been moving along nicely. They opened up the sidewalk in front of the building a week or two ago, the Grand River facade looks complete. It's not a great looking building but it's not offensive by any means.
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    Councilwoman Draheim got a tour of this today. Desipte me posting the pictures above, I guess I'm just now realizing how high the ceilings will be in the commercial units on the Albert side. This is going to make for some really impressive restaurant and retail spaces:

    And from Newman Loft's own twitter page, the new gym:

  • As an "active 55 plus person," I really like this building and the apartments depicted, but the rent seems high at well over $1,500 a month for the smallest unit. I know it is all about the location but that is twice what I pay in REOtown. It is great that there will be people of all ages in this development and I am sure there are people who can afford to live there. The retail spaces are going to be impressive and reclaim that side of the street for pedestrians. I'm going to get a closeup look when I go out to the art fair, What fun!

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