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  • It most certainly will.

    I can't for the life of me understand all of the complaints heard of the past few years about the expansion of downtown. I always thought the residents of East Lansing, and especially of the part so close to the university, more progressive-minded than that. The comment about not wanting Valley Court Park to be surrounded by buildings just blew my mind. Valley Court Park is the size its is exactly to be boxed in as a neighborhood park. Downtown East Lansing has been stagnant (if even successful) for decades, now, but I don't think anyone would argue that for a city its size the downtown has always been undersized and quaint for such a huge university next to it. East Lansing is finally starting to look its size and all the residents can do is bitch about it, it seems.
  • LMich -
    Most of the residents of East Lansing are more progressive-minded than that. Stop assuming both that we are all of one mind about this project, and that the vocal few who happen to be getting attention right now speak for all of us - that attitude is insulting and short-sighted. When the various projects go forward - and I believe both Museum Place and City Center II will, eventually and in some form, it will be because a city council made up of the city residents made the decision, with the input a variety of city commissions made up of city residents, to move these things forward having listened to a whole spectrum of residents' perspectives. Not all of the residents will support whatever comes about, but many will, and a majority, I suspect, won't care or even notice until they have a lot of construction to have to drive through.
  • I have renamed this discussion from Michigan Museum Place to City Center II to reflect the elimination of the MSU Museum from the project.
  • Demetrius,

    Perhaps you haven't been around here long enough, but I've lived in this area nearly my entire life, and have been following its development issues from a relatively young age. That response was needlessly aggressive and ultra-defensive. I meant nothing malicious by the comment, only remarking that I'm surprised there are any nimbys at all so close to downtown, and that they seem to be so vocal. IT doesn't seem to matter whether it's East Village, or West Village, Stonehouse or Museum Place there has been much more outcry from neighbors and other nimbys, alike, than I've expected.
  • LMich -

    I have lived here nearly my entire life as well. My response was a necessary and appropriate reigning of your generalization. You attempted to cast the entire community as feeling one way, based upon the comments of a few people. That is what you actually did, regardless of what you now say you meant to do. That was wrong, and I called you on it. Of course some people have been and will continue to be anti-development to the point where they seem irrational. Historically they have been small in number but very vocal. But I am one the residents you disparaged - when you say "all the residents can do is bitch about it," you are attempting to ascribe such a view to me. My refusing to have words put in my mouth is neither aggressive nor ultra-defensive.
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    Dude, seriously, calm down. You're new here, most of us have been on here for a while. If you stick around and participate in the discussion you'll see we all care about Lansing area development, and have varying opinions of what is happening, and what should happen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the discussion.
  • The city council approved City Center plans! I'm more invested in downtown Lansing but this is really good news. This will really make that end of G. River look ALOT better.
  • Actually, it was the planning commission that recommended the plans, so now it will go to the city council for a vote.
  • The State News also has an article up about the planning commission's passage. You would think the city council should approve this pretty quickly now that it cleared this first hurdle, but I guess you never know. I'm with you on this one though micro, that area could really use this project. That old Citizens Bank building on GR and Abbot needs to go down immediately.
  • Yes, it only passed the planning commission, but seeing as how it was a 7-2 vote, I suspect it will pass the actual council quite easily.
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