The Abbot & The Graduate (Park District)



  • I'm thinking the same thing. Things should get VERY interesting, on all fronts given the current financial meltdown.
  • All the windows of this building have now been boarded up:

    I'm guessing we'll start to see demolition coming soon, once they finish any interior demo that might have to be done.
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    I'm surprised no one caught this back in September:
    City Center II developer overcoming troubles[size]

    By Allison Bush
    The State News
    Published: September 15, 2008

    East Lansing’s skyline might not be getting a little higher any time soon.

    City Center II, a $116.4 million project slated for the Grand River Avenue and Abbot Road area, is being developed by Strathmore Development Co. The company is developing Broadway Village — a similar project — in Ann Arbor, where construction has yet to begin.

    That project has faced a few financial and construction issues, which doesn’t concern East Lansing officials. They say City Center II is likely to move forward with few glitches.


    The East Lansing City Council will vote on a plan to open a dialogue with the public on using city bonds as one method for financing the City Center II project at its meeting tonight. It is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the Union’s Gold rooms A and B.

    If approved, a notice about the potential use of bonds would appear in the newspaper, said Mary Haskell, finance director for East Lansing. The bond issue will be put on the ballot if 10 percent of registered voters file a signature within 45 days. But, if no one files or a petition is invalid, the decision will go before the City Council.

    It appears the city is being upbeat about all of this, but the developer is obviously having money troubles.
  • I'm pretty sure that he got the bond money. The City has been trying to do whatever they can to make sure that this project will succeed.
  • Anyone know currently how City Center II is going? Last time I read up on it, a developer was pulling a project out due to financial issues with having another one coming up in Ann Arbor.
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    Did you even bother reading two posts up? Come on, man.
  • (LMich I don't know what it is that you have against me, but you seem to make ridiculous comments to me like this on many forums I visit. You even will send ridiculous private messages)

    Yes I read the two post above, and I also looked at the date. I'm just asking if there is any newer information out on the story ( as of 2009). Whether it's information that was released today, yesterday, etc... That's all I was asking for, and not your comment listed above.
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    With no updates on this project, Strathmore Development is looking to push another extension tonight at the City Council's work session. Their current deadline is for March 31st. They would like a 90-day extension.

    From my memory, they already have a deal with Hotel Indigo and the Wharton Center. What else are they waiting on?
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    They are trying to avoid some fines, I see. lol It's the same game the Eyde's have been playing here in Lansing at 7 Block...for a decade. And, it's only a matter of time before Gillespie ask for an extension on Market Place in Lansing.
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    City Center gets its third extension:

    E. Lansing OKs delay for City Center II

    Dawn Parker • Lansing Community Newspapers • April 5, 2009 • From Lansing State Journal

    EAST LANSING - The city is giving the developer of City Center II project more time to clear financial hurdles in a credit-strapped economy.

    City council members have approved a third extension for Strathmore Development Co., which has plans for a $116.4 million redevelopment project that stretches from Grand River Avenue and Abbot Road to Valley Court Park. Plans call for a hotel, retail and residential space.
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