Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum



  • I think there are far too many art museums that look like #1 and #4, # 3 looks ugly but I really can't tell much from the picture, I personally don't like #2 at all, it looks like a biosphere. #5 is different looking and is imposing on its surroundings, which is why I like it, I really like the height.
  • Yeah, I think I'd be ok with 1, 2, or 5. I join the consensus against #3 :)

    #4 seems too much like things I've seen before. Though I can't recall a specific building, it looks very familiar.
  • Personally I'm not a fan of any other them at that location on campus. I think North Campus should all use the style of pre-WWII architecture so a museum at this site should look more like an enlarged Paollucci building. I wouldn't mind seeing #2 or #4 on South Campus, but not here.
  • I use to be a proponent of the idea that everything should "fit" with its surroundings, until I realized we shouldn't be trying to be a proverbial museum of shorts. What it encourages is increasingly safer and more bland designs. This is not to mention that if you don't do Post Modernism/Historicism correctly, you can get some horrible pieces in their own right.

    This prominent site will add refreashing and needed contrast to this part of the historic north campus without destroying it. The Circle Drives are excellent in that they allow each building to be showcased, as opposed to a tightly gridded district where I might agree that something like this museum may not fit. My only criticism is the lack of color. I'm not sure how they could do this, but it perhaps incorporating in some green and red-brick color somewhere would have been nice, but I'm generally pleased with how different this will be with the structures around them. This is a showpiece.
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    Plus, it's an art museum. Many many art museums don't fit in with their surroundings. Except maybe in Chicago.
  • Here are some more pictures:






    These photos are from the State News article about the competition. Photos are hosted at Flickr
  • I still like 2 & 5, and 1 doesn't look so bad when looking at the architectural model.
  • It's still hard to tell what #3 is with the architectural model. As much as they say this is going to front Grand River, I hope it doesn't only front Grand River facing west. As the East Village moves forward, this should be approachable from the east or the west.
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    Large scale renders at the MSU news room.

    I like #2 less in this version.
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    Building a $30 million dollar tree house
    An article published in the Lansing City Pulse about each of the designs.
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