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  • Please educate the ignorant (me), why are all the designs so overboard and strange looking when the northern side of the university, and all our new construction is more classic and red brick? I understand that it will be associated with a museum, but what is the underlying drive to create such an ODD looking structure?
  • It's an art museum, and the administration and the Broads wanted something that would push the envelope.
  • If that's their purpose, I have no doubt they will succeed!
  • I think their purpose was to design a building that would be just as much of a piece of art, as the many pieces that will be housed inside it. Besides, something like this, that will no doubt become a public attraction, needs to stand out. I've been going to MSU for several years, and I have a hard time differentiating between the buildings on the North side of campus. There will be no doubt that this is the art museum when it's completed. Also, because it's going to be visited by the public, North Campus is the only sensible place to put it (especially along Grand River). Anywhere else and people would be less likely to know it's there, much less visit it.
  • They have also said that it was cheesy to try to imitate the old style of buildings, and it will never really be authentically old, in terms of surrounding buildings.
  • Jared and mindbender, your comments make sense, they can't truly replicate what the original buildings look like. Mindbender, every building on campus will eventually show you their subtle differences, and yes, keeping the museum more easily accessible will absolutely allow more people to have access. As an msu alum who came back and has lived in the area for 10 years, I am shocked at how quickly my friends forget how to get around campus, let alone people who have grown up in the area, but are "afraid" to get lost venturing around!
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    True, I'm always surprised at how many people are scared to go onto the campus. Like it's some kind of giant, strange, otherworldly place, where people get lost and are never found again. While very few people can tell you where every building on campus is located, almost anyone can find there way around once you know the few main arteries (Farm, North Circle, Shaw, etc).

    Although I will say Jared, I think they did an admirable job with the new parking garage. You can tell it's new, but it blends right in.
  • I agree, rode my bike right up on it, before I realized it was the new parking garage. Bravo, it's about time for more! I am one of those people who can tell you where everything is! ;)
  • I am one of those who doesn't venture on campus, mainly because I find it very confusing, I hate curvy streets. Also though, I don't want to deal with all the students during the school year and I have absolutely no reason to go there anyways.
  • I went by the Paolucci building today and it was fenced off. It looks like they may be starting demolition pretty soon. I still haven't heard what design was chosen, but I remember hearing that a design was to be chosen by September.
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