Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum



  • I think I read recently that the thing is still delayed. In fact, I thought I read it in the MSU thread, here.
  • Well, the demolition hasn't been delayed, and will start once the semester ends (December 17). The building should be fully demolished by January 4th.

    Here is a link for more information: MSU Construction Alerts: Paolucci demolition
  • According to the MSU Construction Updates website the new Art museum design will be announced in mid-to-late
    January. It is projected to take two years to construct.
  • Well the Paolucci building is starting to come down already. I drove by yesterday. It's all fenced in and the windows have been removed. It looks like some of the bricks have been removed as well.
  • Someone will have to get pictures. It's too bad no one documented this historic building before it came down. I'm sure we'll eventually find some old pictures of it in local archives, but we should all try to document these historic structures before they are brought down.
  • I read that WKAR is documenting the demolition. Not sure exactly how though, or if it will be available to see.
  • I know MSU paused on the demolition for a month to make sure that they had all historical documentation that they would ever want for the building. You will probably be able to get a copy from the University Archives.
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    Here is a recent picture of the building:
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    i went to pre-school in that building back in the day. somewhere about 20 feet to the right should be a hole i was digging to china...never quite made it :)
  • Well as of 4PM today it was almost completely gone. Just a corner of the building left.
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