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    The New York Times featured an article about the art museum. It had a very positive spin on the development was a pretty good piece. Zaha Hadid's name is bringing some good attention to MSU.
  • I guess the attention its getting is helping to outweigh the design. Hopefully all the exposure actually does some good.
  • After reading the City Pulses take on the thing, I'm a bit less disappointed, but I'm still confused about the amount of gushing. I guess it's simply that Hadid's work is the "it" thing at the moment, and there is only one other example in the country making it something to have even if it really isn't that great a design. That's what kind of bother me about cutting edge architecture, though, or any art for that matter. It's often 'cool' only because it rare.
  • To add to Jared's NY Times link, there is a link right on that page to a few new renderings (Photos 2-4) of the Museum at a couple different angles, one from the inside, that I've never seen. I kinda like the one showing the glass-laden entrance.
  • @Sparty73, did you get a chance to watch the "fly-through of the interior" video that I posted on January 15th?
  • Although I was not a fan of the design at first… I am much more tolerant of it now. Looking through the NY Times slide show, I really like the Performing Arts Center for Abu Dhabi that she did (or is doing). Talk about a building that is a work of art. It reflects the surrounding well too. I guess my biggest complaint on the winning design is that it will more than likely stick out like a sore thumb in that part of campus. I hope I’m wrong.
  • I didn't see it Jared, but it seems like the link is broken now. After looking at the NY Times slide show though, and seeing the glass entrance/interior, it gives me some more hope about the development. Hadid clearly seems to be extremely well respected on a very large scale considering the article, which can only be good for the University. Although, anyone think that Hadid's big name was what gave her the big edge in terms of design selection?
  • I went by the site today on my way to work and there is a sign up mentioning the future Broad Art Museum by Zaha Hadid.
  • Construction has been postponed from Fall 2008 to Spring 2009 as there are some more design details being worked out. Also, the bilding will sit shen finished for the fall-winter-spring to let it "climatize" and have it's formal opening in 2011.

    Source: City Pulse: Late Breaking News
  • This is one project I can't wait to see in person. The renderings are a bit hard to invision.
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