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I decided to create this forum to post updates on new businesses in Lansing. This mainly to highlight new bars, resturaunts and stores in Lansing's Downtown, Old Town, ReoTown and Michigan Ave districts.

To kick it off here is the website for the new Harem Night Club, opening in April next to the Nuthouse: Harem Night Club


  • Check out this Capitol Gains story on Harem, including a few interior shots: Urban Lounge Ready to Electrify Lansing

    There are a number of other interesting articles in this most recent Capitol Gains.
  • It looks like Menna's Joint (Home of the Dub) is going in on Washington Sq. where the Cornerstone Coffee closed last month.
  • I was shocked that particular Cornerstone closed its doors. My girlfriend and I were down there a couple weekends ago, and noticed it had closed. We had been there about 5 or 6 weeks ago to get some coffee on the weekend, and noticed it was one of the only coffee shops even open downtown.
  • aw damn. I liked that place but I was concerned about that happening. Whenever I was in there it was pretty quiet.
  • I wasn't too suprised Cornerstone closed, the guy who started them up live accross the street from me. It's really to bad though, they made their places so nice inside, someone else already has an opening soon sign at their downtown location.

    Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but a new microbrewery is opening up on Washington, where the Greenhouse Bistro was. It's supposed to be opening May 15th, they will brew one beer onsite and they will serve beers from the Michigan Brewers Guild, or the Michigan Brewing Company, I can't remember which. Anyways, it's just another good thing for downtown, especially for the more southern stretches of Washington Sq.
  • To add to the Cornerstone story, I've heard from a friend, haven't checked on it myself though, that the Cornerstone in EL on Grand River near Hillcrest is also closing/has already closed. If I drive by it soon I'll post again as to whether I can confirm this.
  • The Cornerstone Coffee on Washington Sq. was only open for a month or two at the most. It's really sad to me because I agree that they made it a really nice place. However, I am happy to see that it didn't stay empty for more than 2-3 weeks. That's a good sign for downtown I guess. And I'm glad to hear a microbrewery is opening up down there.
  • I think it has been mentioned before on this website about a rehab of the Cedar Street School in Old Town for a doctor's office, but here is a story about it from today.
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    I drove by yesterday, and it does indeed appear that the Cornerstone Coffee in EL on Grand River has closed. They never had good coffee, which you would think would be pretty important for a coffee shop.

    EDIT: "Cornerstone" Coffee on GR near Harrison no longer exists, but only because they renamed it to Grand River Coffee (likely because their other Lansing location shut down, so I guess this switch makes at least some sense). Not sure if management has changed, but the shop remains open while they change the signage on the building.
  • An article in Capitol Gains about the new Michigan Brewing Co. location on Washington: Brewery and Ice Cream Parlor Both Headed Downtown
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