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  • There is quite a bit more equipment on site today, hopefully they take out that mound along Michigan soon. Lmich can you change the status of this building on Emporis to "under construction."
  • There was a quick meeting of property owners and the EDC today for the Stadium District to start talks about using the cool cities grant to reshape the district. I think we might want to have a forum for the Stadium District and the Stadium Project.

    I chatted with Pat, you guys are going to see alot happen this next week. They will be pouring footings for the next few weeks, and should have steel in the air by February.
  • It's nice to hear this will be a steel structure, I think that adds a lot to a building, especially when there will be condos in it.
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    What much does it matter, and especially in a building this short? Or, is this more along the lines that you're interested in structural engineering only when it concerns steel? I'm not sure I get it.
  • The reason I care so much is largely because it makes for a much impressive building in the construction stage when it is concrete or steel. However for tenants in the building a concrete or steel structure is extremely important for sound, and to a lesser extent peace of mind and vibrations. The steel and concrete structures, if used with other measures such as double studded walls can almost eliminate unit to unit noise, from stereos, TV's, vacumes and voices. I would never spend a lot of money on an apartment or condo unless it is reasonably sound insulated, I love my home theater system.
  • Well, concrete is the best way to protect against bleeding sound. Steel's really shows it benefits in modern skyscrapers, particualrly curtain wall, when you want long bays windows and such. And, even in high-rise construction steel is only used primarily for office buildings. Much of the current high-rise residential buildings and hotels are done in concrete, and I'd suspect this would, as well. Both wood and steel would be unlikely for this one (i.e. too large a project for wood, too small a project for steel).
  • Yeah, the concrete residential buildings where the walls and floors are cement offer excellent oundproofing between units, although the floor-to-floor sound insulation is the same for concrete and steel. One thing I still don't get is how it is that much cheaper to build buildings with the ground floor stel or concrete then the upper floors with wood. I think when you look at the cost-benifit steel or concrete is worth the extra money. Stonehouse Village was the first building I seen built like that and I was, and still am, suprised at that method of construction.
  • They are continuing to dig a trench around what will be the perimeter of the building and there is rerod in place for some of the footings near Cedar St.
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    Bad weather that makes the city look terrible, but a recent photo, nonetheless:




    It's really hard to get a good view of the site.
  • Hard to see in the photo's, but over half the foundation is in.
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