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  • Has anybody heard an actual, concrete date to begin construction? I hope that the bad news about housing purchases hasn't affected developments like the Stadium District in Lansing. From what I hear, the residential home market is moving really slow.
  • The last I heard it was sometime in August. I don't think the bad housing market will have much of an effect on the urban housing market, which has been starved in Lansing and is booming around the country.
  • I emailed the Stadium District yesterday asking what the start date was on the project, I got a message back (that looked like an auto-response) that said completion was set for winter 2008. That is so off that I'm thinking it has to be a typo, thats just ridiculous. It's also bad for business. By that time other, much nicer, higher profile projects will likely be getting ready to go, if not already under construction, eclipsing this project.
  • This is getting ridiculous. They have all of the money in place, recieved countless grants and subsidies, along with an almost exorbiant amount of press and preferential treatment from the city. This thing should have BEEN started.
  • ...Or he should have at least given a realistic start date to begin with, Gillespie has been throught more than enough development projects to know what to expect as far as delays and timetables go. There is no excuse to say you will have a project done when you simply don't know when, it could really cause some issues with prospective tenants if that date is true.
  • Got a reply back from Mr. Gillespie concerning the groundbreaking date.

    He says he's hoping to breakground September 7th. BTW, I italicized "hoping," though, as it still seems he's not sure. He also said that phase II of Prudden Place will begin in late fall of this year.
  • Well, it is actually breaking ground, tomorrow. Good news.
  • Is it for sure now?
  • Yeah, I got something in the email today saying there will be a groundbreaking tomorrow at 11 A.M.
  • Do you think you will be able to get any pictures? I am planning on going out this weekend and getting pictures of projects going on around the East Lansing area. I have some pictures that I took last weekend that I still need to upload.
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