The Stadium District



  • There is now a small crane, onsite.
  • Hopefully we will get to see some of the actual structure rise this week.
  • From this weeks City Counci Agenda:

    b. Letter from the City Clerk submitting an application for a permit/license requesting to Transfer Ownership of 2006 Class C Licensed Business, Located in escrow at 2820 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing, MI 48912, Lansing Township, Ingham County, from Sunil & Rehka Entertainment, LLC to Stadium District Partners, L.L.C.; and Transfer Location (Governmental Unit) to Stadium District Development, E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48933, Ingham County, and Dance-Entertainment and Additional Bar Permit
  • What's at 2820 East Grand River, though? This has to be somewhere out near Frandor, but I'm not so sure which business it is. But, cool, a new dance club will fit right in.
  • I believe that's either Sultans or India Palace. I didn't know that they had permits for dancing.
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    The liquor license listed is in escrow so I don't beleive that the business that it is from will be attached to it. I believe the dance and additional bar permit are new applications, not transfered.

    Also, as of yesterday morning the crane had been moved to the eastern edge of the site, so I'm guessing will se it put to some use next week (as in the structure should begin rising!!!)
  • Oh, I know what we're talking about, now. It's that Indian restaurant next door to the Little Caesars just a few blocks before you hit the freeway. Has the place been closed down, because restaurants don't ever give up their liquor licenses.
  • The name of the restaurant is Taj. Last time I was by there it was still open, but that was a couple weeks ago. Don't go by there much since I moved from Groesbeck to the south side.
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    I went and took photos of the Stadium District yesterday.



    My page on Flickr
  • Cliff, drove by the restuarant, today, for the first time in awhile, and it appears that it's now a new restaurant, but it still serves Indian food.
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