The Stadium District



  • Yeah, the half on the Larch side of the development is coming along well.
  • Did anybody catch the article in the LSJ a couple days ago about a tenant of the Stadium District that is relocating to I believe the 5/3rd building until construction is complete? I can't find the article on the LSJ site, and I wanted to add a link to this post, as it has some more up to date information about the Stadium District in it.
  • Yeah it was about the Lansing Chamber of Commerce, after 7 days the only way to view LSJ articles is to either pay or view googles cache of the article.

    Also, they have started building the stairwell/elevator shaft today.
  • You beat me to it, Hood. It's finally going vertical, at least, on the east side of the site.
  • Yeah, I have really got to force myself to go out and take some pictures, between the bad weather and just not having any free time I've gotten behind. So many projects have progressed since anyone here has done a photo update...
  • Hood,

    Did you notice they took down the structure that was built?
  • What do you think that structure was for?
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    Weird huh? It was a stairwell, they had it up to about ten feet. I would assume they discovered some sort of defect, so they had tear it back down.
  • I was just by there this morning and it looks like they are starting back on that stairwell they took apart the week before last.
  • Wow, they've begun on both stairwell/elevator towers. I'll have to get a pic, tomorrow.
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