The Stadium District



  • What do you mean, exactly, Jared?
  • I'm saying it would be nice if that corner of Larch and Michigan Ave, where the gas station is, would be built up. Also, Brogans could be relocated to a more industrial area, making those two parcels built up. That and the Stadium District, and that stretch of Michigan Ave would be a lot nicer.
  • Thanks. I was kind of wondering what you were mentioning Washington for, though.
  • I seen a piece of equipment today next to the construction trailer at the rear of the lot today, once again away from the CSO stuff. It may have been a pavement scraper or something. Also, when by there later I noticed another, larger piece of equipment sitting in the middle of the lot, that one may have been the paving machine from the CSO though.I'm thinking we may see some site prep get underway by next week.
  • Hood, I actually hadn't been by the Stadium District site, today, but Pat JUST told me after I emailed him construction had started, today. Can you confirm this?
  • I just went by it and couldn't see anything of note, but it was dark and snowing, the CSO equipment also blocked the view. I may be by there again tomorrow, in the daytime.
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    I was down there, today, also. But only driving past, and, yes, it's very hard to see into the site, now. I think I may have to go up to that elevated park above the site to the south.

    I know how thing, though. They've got quite a large parking lot they are going to have to tear up before they do anything.
  • I looked in while driving down Cedar today, and site prep has begun. It looks like they have removed the curbs and have started removing the asphalt. It looked like they had already ground all the pavement down.
  • A pan of the Stadium District from the park at the sites rear: StadiumDistrictpancropped.jpg

    Site prep appears to be well underway, now that there is equipment onsite I would expect the project to begin to move forward at a steady pace.
  • Nice panorama hood.
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