Capitol Club Tower (Proposed high rise condos!!!)

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I'll let the LSJ article speak for itself: Riverfront may get $30 million tower

We have all been waiting for something like this, 12-20 floors of condos on the river. Now I'll just be biting my tongue for next year or two until construction (hopefully) begins. However, the good thing is that Council is required to act on selling the S Grand Ramp within two weeks to get it on the August ballot. So IF this project comes together I expect it to happen very quickly.


  • Hood you beat me to the punch!
  • Here is the artists rendering from the printed LSJ story:

    The photo page on Flickr
  • The rendering looks pretty good, although I'd rather see them leave the S Grand Ramp as-is, so that it can be tore down for another development in the near future.
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    Surprise, Surprise! Really, I almost did a double-take this morning, when I saw this in the paper. Even being an optimist I thought Lansing was still a few years off from getting a legitimate high-rise condo proposal.

    The design is EXCELLENT. In fact, one of the better I've seen of the condo towers currently going up or planned in Michigan. I hope they take this thing the full 20-stories and beyond. The 20 story one would be measurably taller than the neighboring Grand Tower, and putting a shot in the arm for a skyline that's remained largely unchanged for decades. Sure, you have the Legislative Building, and such, but they aren't in prominent enough spots to really make a difference.

    BTW, this is being done by Studio Intrigue down in REO Town who also did the Stadium District. This up-and-coming architect really believes in the city, and are willing to get beyond bland designs to make for a visually interesting streetscape.

    I really do wish that the developers didn't insist that the garage is needed. I wish they'd just get the city to build one across the street on the many surface lots along the westside of Grand. The one in the Grand River, no matter how you spruce it up, is still literally built INTO the Grand River, and can never really be a good function for that particular site no matter how much lip-stick they put on it.
  • The rendering looks great, I'll be curious to see what (if anything) they put on the riverside of the development. Almost certainly whatever is there will be restricted to the residents use.
  • Jared, I created a project page for this, so if you can add it to the list that would be great.
  • Mindbender,

    I'm almost certian the article mentions that this development will open up the river, and perhaps start the River Trail on the west bank of downtown, finally. I mean, there already is a small promenade backarea behind the Grand Tower and the Triangle Lot that access the river.

    What I'm interested to see what happens is if they'll finally connect and uniformize this back area behind the Triangle Lot, Grand Tower, and South Grand Parking Structure, and connect it with the elevated boardwalk behind the Grandview Building at the corner of Michigan and Grand?
  • Good call, my mistake: (From the article)

    "The developers also said they would open up the riverfront of the property for a public trail and access to the Grand River.

    "We want to bring the river into downtown," Elliott said. "We want to build a community down here.""

    Speaking of the area behind the triangle lot, I wonder if a large scale condo development like this will impact any current redesigns going on for the MSP headquarters. My limited knowledge/experience says it won't, but it would be nice.
  • Yeah, I was thinking about this, today, about how much of a turd the MSP Headquarters will look like, now. It really makes you wish the owners of the site would scrap the plan and go condo. In fact, the city had always hoped that the triangle lot would go residential, or at least contain a residential component. Ironically, we're still going to have a surface parking lot on the river at the Triangle Lot.
  • Thanks hood, I've added the link to it on the Project Pages. For anybody who would like to see some general information about the project, click on Project Pages at the top of the site, and you should see links to different projects happening in the MetroLansing area (now including the South Grand Condos).
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