Albert Place Condos (formerly Stonehouse Village III)



  • This building is going to look sweet when it's done, I'll have to check it out in person sometime.
  • This is a reversal of the urban trend in bulldozing classic old buildings to make parking lots. I like the faux classic look of SH3, kind of a streamlined Chicago vibe.
  • If you haven't been by there lately, much of the brick facade has been put up now.
  • Here's a picture of the development from down the street. All the brick has been put up now.

  • Wow that building looks like a mammoth compared to the rest of downtown EL buildings. At first I thought it looked out of place but then I realized about how large all the parking decks are in EL and I think it fits in. Definitely nice to have more of a mixture of college students, young professionals, and elder people living together in the downtown. This development will increase the shared demographic for sure.
  • They've opened up Bailey Street in front of the development now, and it only looked like they were a week away from finishing the expansion of the surface lot across the street. I was surprised, yet happy, to see that the expansion of the surface lot included the small privatized surface lot between the parking lot and the alley.
  • The outside seemed to be almost much finished when I took these two weeks ago:



  • Man, that red brick really pops against the green trees. The wood trimming is also a cool touch.
  • The wood trimming would be cool if it stayed, but I'm pretty sure it's just temporary. That creamish colored trim you see at the ends of the pictures will probably cover the entirety of it when complete.
  • The developers want to convert the third and fourth floors of the building to rentals from condominiums. It will be brought before the council at it's Tuesday meeting. I don't think the condominiums have been selling as fast as they had thought, and the rentals should fill up with college students.
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