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Discussion thread for the West Village development.

Here is a link to the project page.


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    Here is a picture of the site before the destruction and a link to the thread about it.
  • They have begun tearing down the houses in the picture above.
  • Do you think you can get any pics of the demo?
  • A story from the LSJ with some interesting new info on this development: Former Greyhound station makes way for West Village

    I wonder if it is really going to have three floor condos in the main building? Those would be really neat. I'm also going to create a "Project page for this since there is more info available. Jared, can you add a link to it in the first post of this thread once it is created?
  • Yeah, I can add a link to the project page. Also, I went by the site today and the Greyhound Station and the chinese restaurant are now gone. They have been making way with the houses, but there was no construction equipment on site. There was a truck from Hi-Ball Crane there, so I am assuming they are getting the specs of the layout before they bring in a crane.

    I took a picture of the lot with my cell phone, and should be able to upload the pictures tonight.
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    They have put up signs on the fences now, they have a website: http://www.westvillagecondos.net but the website is not currently up yet. Hence, the link not active.
  • Wow, my cell phone takes some pretty low quality pictures. Here is the picture I was talking about.

  • Here is a picture of the West Village drawing with the streets labeled. It just hit me today how the building will be positioned.

  • I just checked westvillagecondos.net and there appears to be some activity there now. There are no files uploaded, but the page now shows a file directory index. Just figured I would let you know.
  • There now is an image up at http://www.westvillagecondos.net saying coming soon. I don't know if they mean the website or the project, but both houses have now been torn down. The whole site is leveled now.
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