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  • It''s a pretty bland design, but never the less it will help to add some good density to that area. I'm sure the finished product will look good, although I don't expect anything spectacular.
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    The City Council will be deciding upon the application to rezone the .55 acres of land for the Residence Inn at it's meeting on Tuesday night. I hope they pass it so we can see the West Village project come full circle.
  • The ordinance to conditionally rezone 0.55 acres of the West Village project was approved 4-1 by the city council on Tuesday. It was the 13th meeting about the project. I'm happy to hear that it passed, as now we'll see the West Village project start to come full-circle from what was proposed. When do people think construction will begin? The article in the State News today had no speculation about a timeline.
  • Honestly, with this coming up and City Center II in the future (hopefully!), what is the city going to do about traffic? Grand River is already way too congested and Albert is becoming like that too. Does the city or anyone here have any ideas?
  • New hotel near MSU gets green light

    The article above says that construction should start next Spring.
  • I don't think there really are that many problems with traffic there. I've always gotten through a light on it's first pass through when on Grand River and Albert as well, unless there is a major event going on like a football game.
  • "Honestly, with this coming up and City Center II in the future (hopefully!), what is the city going to do about traffic?"

    light rail! i'm sure it's completely unrealistic, but can you imagine the effect that there would be on development and new businesses if we had a light rail line going down Grand River starting at Hagadorn Road, vearing left onto Michigan Ave with a final stop at the capital building? All we need now is $100 million...any takers? :) (~$20 million per mile @ 4.8 miles)
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