West Village



  • It's a really, really dumb business move to advertise a website before it is up and running. Many people will not check on it again once they see it isn't up. They should waited to post the sign with the site until it was working, better yet they should have had the site up earlier.
  • I completely agree with you on that. My assumption is that they had the signs ordered, and a website on track too, and the website got delayed and the signs didn't. Meanwhile, they still felt the need to advertise what they were doing so calls would start coming in. At least that picture should have been up on the website the day they put the signs up. If I was just checking around, I never would have checked back to see if they had updated it yet.
  • I think you guys are over-reacting. People who are interested in this project, aren't going to become instantly disinterested because the website for the property is not up.
  • Well, I guess I spoke to strong, people won't leave the project because of that, but I think it was poor business planning.
  • Yeah, I think it is just another example of the young inexperienced developers overlooking all the little things. We have a whole new generation of developers just getting their feet wet in the area, while all the longtime ones have seemed to retire or at least be slowing down.
  • Update on West Village:

    The recycling center that is there will be closing on Monday, which will make room then for the major equipment to start coming in. This is reported in tomorrow's State News.
  • Thats good to hear, keep us updated as to when the construction actually begins.
  • I read the LSJ story on this one, today, and I'm wondering if it's just bad reporting, because they are making the development sound as if the whole thing is nothing but townhomes. I mean, they say "three-story townhomes above retail." Is that the way the condos in the 'tower' are being offered, in three floors units?
  • I'm not sure how they are doing the units, but the one piece of new information to me was that the Aboods were converting a preexisting building from apartments to condos. The building they are converting is a pretty large building, and it has a great view of Valley Court Park and Grand River. There is about five or six floors that face the park, all with balconies.
  • The big new thing for me is the conversion of that other building, that would make the price tage of this project more understandable. The three story townhouses in the "tower" part have been part of the plan since the details were first released.
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