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  • I rode by today on my way to work and it looked like there was two guys removing the signs on the lot that the hotel will sit on. Maybe they are clearing way for some initial site prep work?
  • My friends live in the renovated condo building. Pretty nice interiors. Does any one know when the Residence Inn is going up. This area has huge potential for creating its own unique-ness to EL.
  • The City Council will talk about the proposed contract zoning for the site of the Residence Inn tonight at it's work session. Read more at the state news.
  • I'm not to sure about this project. The proposed rendering looks pretty bland and normal like the other new hotels you see off the Freeways and in suburban areas. This would be cool if they made a more unique design but they probably won't. I guess it'll add some height to the area but how does that benefit? Especially with another Residence Inn at Grand River & Hagadorn. Will that property just be abandoned? Someone should talk to Abood and try to get him to use the original design which was AWESOME.
  • The old property will probably be converted to student rentals or some type of student housing given it's proximity to campus. I'm not too worried about it becoming abandoned. I also believe that the latest site rendering on here is probably out of date and will end up looking different.
  • I would hope that the rendering above is just preliminary. I hope that there is at least a little more to the design.
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    The Residence Inn rezoning has been pushed back again until the work session next Tuesday. A new rendering was introduced last week and the council wanted some more citizens to be able to see it first.
  • Where can you see the rendering at?
  • I emailed the City about it but never got a reply back about the new rendering.
  • I never got an email back from the City with renderings, but I found them on the city's website nonetheless.

    I haven't had a chance yet to look through them, but I will try to tomorrow.
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