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  • I'm confused, though, does this mean the 4-story tower will include units on the top 3 floors that will be 3 floors in side. I'd never heard that. I thought this was going to be your convention condo structure where each unit lies on just one floor. Do you see what I'm asking?
  • yeah, it is my understanding from the article, that they will not lie on top of each other. it would be one unit three stories tall. it doesn't make much sense to me, as i don't know why one condo should have three balconies.
  • I don't know how they can afford to sell three floor condos in the $200's, three floor condos would be considered pretty high-end, I would expect them to be $400k+.
  • Whatever the price tag is, I'm sure they're not losing money on it. I would definitely love to live in one of those though.
  • westvillagecondos.net is up and running now, per Palapinga at urbanplanet. I'm dissapointed with the design compard with old one, however it will still be nice to see a higher quality rendering to be sure.
  • I wish the rowhouses were taller than in the pictures on the site. The Flats look a bit different than they currently are from my memory, I am not sure if they are going to add to the structure or not.
  • There is a new article about the West Village in tomorrows State News: New Housing Draws Students

    The article mentions renaming two streets to be collectively known as "West Village Circle". The ramifications of making such a change for the developer are a lot larger than what might actually be thought about at first. In small terms, the business owners and residents of the affected streets will incur costs to change signage, letterhead, and more, yet what it entails for future developments is probably worse.

    I agree that these two streets are a little confusing in that they almost run in a circle, but if a developer comes to the city and wants to build a multi-million dollar development, they should not have the right to get to change the names of the streets surrounding it. Could you picture a Holiday Inn requesting "Holiday Inn Drive"? There is history tied to names of roads, and with name changes that history can be much harder to find.
  • Developments do this with small streets all the time, in many more cases actually asking for a vacation of a street to fit their own development plan. I'm not saying I agree with it, but it's hardly unheard of or rare.
  • What do you mean by a "vacation of a street"?
  • I personally don't like street names to be changed, I see no reason for it at all.
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