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    It means to vacate a street, to take it out of usage for any number of reasons.
  • Unrelated to the West Village development, but in the direct vicinity of it, located in Valley Court Park, the city now has finalized plans to build a centennial statue in the park. The statue will cost about $15,000 and is supposed to be a model of close citizens and the city.
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    I went out and took some pictures in the last couple days. Here is a picture of where the West Village development stands. They have what appears to be the cement in for the steps for rowhouses, and they also have the walls poured for what looks like the garages for these units.


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  • The frame is finished on the rowhouses, and the siding and other exterior work should be coming pretty quick. The units look to be what I would call 2.5 stories tall, with two full floors and then a large pitched roof with windows, but there aren't windows for all the units.
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    I don't know if it is spin-off from the West Village development or not, but the old Poppa Leos pizza restaurant next to Archive Books on Grand River is now being converted to a Cornerstone Coffee. They have remodeled the facade and built a nicer entryway.
  • Here is a picture of the Cornerstone renovation:

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  • The insulation is now done on the first set of 'houses that has been placed right on the corner of Grand River and the street that runs along the west side of the development (forget it's name). Looks like they may have that portion of the overall development complete by the fall, but I'm not sure if they'll have much more done considering there's only about 45 days or so left until classes start up.
  • I want to know when they are going to start on the main building here, thats the most important part of this development.
  • That's really all tentative, and it's not even fully designed yet, rather a concept. If the townhomes and flats sell well, we may be something a year or two down the road.
  • Yeah, I agree with LMich. In the site plans that I have seen, it shows the rowhouses that are now completed as "Phase 1", and the rowhouses along Hillcrest Ave as "Phase 2". The building at the corner of Delta St and Grand River didn't have a phase marked, so from my understanding, it looks like they are waiting to see market demand.
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