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  • There seems to be some physical confirmation that the large building on the corner is not happening in the near future. They started planting grass....
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    In reference to the previous post from mindbender:

    From the State News, September 9, 2007:
    "Developers hope to begin constructing the townhomes on Hillcrest in about four weeks so they’ll be finished by the spring of 2008. They’d like to have the mixed-use building finished by the end of 2008 or the beginning of 2009, Staton said."

  • That quote seems misleading since I think there talking about two different buildings, the townhomes on Hillcrest and Park Place which the quote calls "the mixed-use building." It seems that construction on that building would take at least a year meaning they'd have to start on it right now to meet that target date of late 2008/early 2009. I agree with mindbender that if they're planting grass we probably won't see any work started on that building until at least next year.
  • I was told by the developer months back that the large 4-story new construction is completely contingent upon the success of the other two phases, which makes complete sense. The plan has been that way from the very beginning, in fact.
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    Does anybody know when the second phase (the rowhouses along Hillcrest) will be started? There is grass planted there too.
  • from what i heard they're supposed to be breaking ground on the second phase of townhomes in the next few weeks.

    as far as the bigger condo building with ground floor retail goes (corner of delta and grand river), i've heard that building design still isn't finalized and there is no impending construction date yet.
  • Thats good news that they will be starting phase two pretty soon. I don't expect the bigger condo building to be started until phase two is completed, and probably then there will still be market studies. I was starting to think that phase 2 wouldn't be started for a long time, with all the grass they planted.
  • It looks like they are starting phase 2, as an LSJ blurb says that northbound on Hillcrest Ave will be closed starting now until mid-February.
  • The LSJ just reported on the plans for the Marriott Resident Inn. It will replace the current Residence Inn just east of Hagadorn Rd, and would be five stories with a restaurant on the ground floor, but no other retail it seems. Also, with underground parking.
  • Now that we know it will still be a good size and height building we just have to wait and see the renderings, which I would assume will be pretty decent at the least.
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