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  • It just seems so wierd that its all built around a mall.
  • I don't really see the mixed use of it all. The stores there just have facades to imitate mixed use. The plans that Lansing Township has for the area show different districts..... (residential, commercial, office). They are not mixed as in stacked, they are mixed as in within the same township.
  • Many of the areas in the masterplan are designated mixed use. I beleive this area they are talking about was supposed to be residential over retail, maybe even one of the parking garages.
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    Another one bites the dust. Can't say I'm sad in the least bit. As I've said about quite a few other developments, here, they can dress it up all they want to, make-up on a pig doesn't make it any less of a pig.
  • More on the dispute between Lansing Township and Lansing over sewers (and, further below, a look at a few other sewer disputes in the region):

    Fight for the pipes: City wary of tie-ins with Lansing Twp. growth

    It's a struggle over money, a grab for control, a fight to compete. And a sewer runs through it.

    Within its territory, Lansing Township commands that which is above ground, while the city of Lansing rules what flows below.

    Sewer wars block growth in mid-Mich. communities
  • I hate to dig up a topic when I have no new information, but I was wondering what is the story with J.C. Penny? Earlier in the year it looked like they were doing site prep work but last I saw the site sat empty. Either I was looking at the wrong site, or nothing is being built. Does anyone know if construction was held up because of the fight between the city and township over sewers or is this just a normal delay?
  • The sewer issue has nothing to do with the site work at Eastwood. Eastwood is served by East Lansing sewers.

    The work, however, has stopped. I was told it was because of a dispute with the drain commissioner.
  • Eastwood is served by Lansing sewers, Lansing was making a big deal over Lansing Twp wanting to install new streets because of capacity issues. I don't know what's happened to the JC Penny, WILX reported that one was on its way, but that no schedule was given, so who knows.
  • It looks like there will be another development like Riverwalk Apartments across from the Red Cedar Golf Course on Clippert. Two lots (or maybe three) have now been completely cleared and there are two large pieces of construction equipment on site. If I remember correctly, a lot of those houses on that block were purchased by DTN.
  • I think that area could use more apartments like those. They're much better than the dilapidated houses and businesses currently there.
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