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  • Where in the Eastwood area is Penney's supposed to be at? I haven't been in there lately.
  • I think it is supposed to north of Wal Mart and NCG, there is construction of some sort going on there now, it looked like site prep last time I seen.
  • Last I heard from the township, the site work going on north of the movie theater and Wal-Mart was actually just dirt from the CSO work in Lansing. Of course, that doesn't preclude other stuff also happening there.
  • I only assumed that would be the site for JC Pennys because of the construction equipment and because I know the Lowes was supposed to go there at first.
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    Ha! They are now moving forward, I guess, hoping someone will bend.

    Eastwood-Area Construction Goes Forward Without New Sewers

    Reporter: Tony Tagliavia
    Email Address:

    By this time next week, two new roads should be under construction near the Eastwood Towne Center.

    "There are commitments made to business owners and residents that this road would be in place by the end of 2007," Lansing Township Planning Director Steve Hayward told News 10.

    But the township is moving forward with no deal in place to build new sanitary sewer service for the new development.

    The work is expected to start on Sam's Way, the street with the Sam's Club on it in the Eastwood Towne Center. The road will be extended past Wood Street to connect with a new Chamberlin Drive to be built just west of the old one.

    The project will include the roadwork and all utilities -- except for the new sanitary sewer the township wanted.

    East Lansing is wary about supplying sewers to the township out of fear it may be infringing on the townships deal with Lansing made 50 years ago. IMO, that's really them saying they aren't interested, and knowing how aggresive East Lansing has been with its neighbors in terms of 425's and annexations, the township should be much more fearful of East Lansing than Lansing.

    DeWitt Township has pretty much ruled out helping Lansing Township. Something's going to give, and I don't think it will be Lansing, nor should it, unless they find they are legally obligated to continue to subsidize their own demise (i.e. stretching out their sewers to areas outside of the city without getting everything out of that that they can).
  • I'm still thinking that this whole Eastwood sewer situation is going to be a catlyst for some significant change in the Lansing-Lansing Township Relationship, possibly leading to the annexation of the Township in the not to distant future.
  • In case anybody hasn't been around Eastwood to see the new Irwin Union Bank branch, here's a quick story with a photo from It is one of the more interesting looking new buildings in the area (especially for a bank).
  • Here's the picture. It does look pretty cool.

  • Problems brewing with a future expansion of Eastwood. WILXand WLNSboth are reporting a problem with permits from the drain commissioner is stopping work. This isn't the first time I've heard about possible development being scuttled by problems with the drain commish, who - although few know it - is among the most powerful locally elected officials in Michigan government. Tim Horton's, too, had some issues and threatenedto scuttle plans to enter the Lansing market.
  • I'm might be the only one here, but I support the expansion of Eastwood. It's not going to take away from any Lansing shopping centers, or from downtown. and I'd rather have Eastwood be developed than W Saginaw, or either of the malls. At least Eastwood has potential to be a cool mixed-use center, I beleive thats what any future development was supposed to be, storefronts with office or residential above.
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