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  • BTW, I forgot to mention that I got my information from Mr. Abood developing this property a few months back while trying to gather information on the project. They've yet to decide all of the details of the "tower" (3-4 stories).
  • I grew up in this neighborhood in the 60' - 70's, attended Central School across the street from the (then) Bird residence which is the house that was demoed.
    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the asking prices for these new condos.
  • Brief update on the West Village. Nothing really of note except that they've begun installing siding on the lone townhouse development that's up so far on the corner of Hillcrest and Grand River. I'll be moving back to EL in about a week, so I'll be able to give more frequent updates at that time.
  • Another update, the utility house has finished it's move to the park and is now on it's slab.
  • I was at Valley Court for the Great Lakes Folk Fest (thank you, East Lansing and MSU) and noticed the moved utility bldg.
  • From the State News:

    Council meeting in review

    West Village pre-development discussions

    The council granted developer Abood Properties, Inc. a 24-month period to explore the feasibility of building another project where the Valley Court Community Center currently exists, near Grand River Avenue and Abbott Road.

    Tim Dempsey, community and economic development administrator, said the development firm was satisfied with the pace of its sales on the property. The project includes the construction of 15 townhomes and an adjacent building containing permanent units and rental units. Five of the townhomes have already been sold.
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    On Tuesday's council meeting:
    Consideration of the West Village Phase II Pre-Development Agreement.
    I'm wondering if the current real estate market has changed the scale of the second phase. The second phase was supposed to be more rowhouses along Hillcrest.
  • It appears that the developers are looking at the community center in Valley Court as another possible location for a development, and that is what the talks are about. They are very pleased with the pace of the project, and might be looking to obtain the site of the community center for another building.

    If they do this, I hope that they leave the community center as the first floor of the new building.
  • which building is the community center?
  • This is the community center:

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