West Village



  • Here is a proposed rendering of the Residence Inn at West Village:

  • That is definitely a bland design. I really hope that it was a rough sketch.
  • That's gotta (at least I hope) be a quick mockup. Think the darker area that comprises floors 2-4 will be brick?
  • I would assume it's not a final design, but it looks like it will add some decent height to that stretch.
  • not really a fan... I hope as the design moves forward it will improve.
  • I'm not sure why we expect anything better. We're talking about a small Marriott Residence Inn, here. These chain hotels, with few exceptions, use the exact same design all across the country, and simply tweak them a bit depending on the size of the lot unless they are forced to go radically different. It is what it is.
  • The row houses along hillcrest have a cement retaining wall about ten feet in front of their door. It looks kind of weird if you ever have a chance to go by.
  • Well I don't see any shots on here showing finished buildings. Not that my shots show much detail.

    Still a Residence Inn going here?

  • Yep, the Residence Inn is still moving forward. I believe there was a hearing on it at Tuesday's council meeting, but I haven't looked yet to see what came about from it.
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